Investment: £200

A deposit of £50 (non-refundable) is required

Course Tutor: Rosie Brown

Reiki is a spiritual practice and an age old healing art. Translated from Japanese, the actual word “Reiki” means “Universal life-force energy”. Mikao Usui, who founded the system in Japan at the end of the nineteenth century, rediscovered a way to connect with this energy and use it to heal our-selves and others. We all have the ability to connect with the energy of Reiki and to use it. It is quick and simple to learn and even easier to use

Reiki works in a holistic, all encompassing manner. It gently enters deep inside and heals us from the core while opening energetic blockages. Reiki supports the person in day to day living, improves their general health on physical, mental and spiritual levels and serves as a preventative medicine that protects us from illness. Thus, Reiki functions both as a preventative and as a curative medicine

During the Reiki 1 course- taught over 2 full days, students receive four attunements that connect them to the energy. They learn how to treat themselves and others and get to know the history of Reiki. Immediately following the course, students are able to treat and heal both themselves and others.

All Students receive continuous ongoing support throughout their journey including regular Reiki Shares.