Taking the leap

Taking the leap -What's stopping you?

What is it that you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to do it due to fear or judgement?  What if the only thing that was limiting you was you? What if you could go beyond your limitations?

2020 – Leap year also a time of change.  

Towards the latter part of 2019 I saw a class that I was drawn to - Being You change in the World facilitated by Author and co-founder of Access Consciousness® Dr Dain Heer.  The class would be taking place in Barcelona in March. I did not know how the money would show up, but I knew I would be taking that class and that I would be there in person.  This would also be my first Access Consciousness Live class.  That energetic push from the universe little did I realise  that knowing that I would be in that class and taking the class again in summer would change my life so dynamically.

The only thing stopping you is you.

Throughout my life I have always held myself back. Fear and doubt can affect you in such a way that it can stop you from being all of you.

I remember one day working from home during the beginning of lockdown on a warm Spring day, out of nowhere came a panic attack, one I had not remember experiencing as bad as when I was at the height of severe depression in 1997.    I started asking questions, also using one of my favourite  Access Consciousness tools  "Who do this belong to?®"

I had gone back to that place as a little girl always watching her friends & neighbours having fun enjoying themselves & the freedom whilst peering out of my bedroom window wishing for my life to be free just like theirs appeared to be.

Then I got the awareness I was no longer that little girl.  Now here I was sat in my own living room watching the world go by & I had the choice to open the door and be part of the world. The only thing that was stopping me from having the freedom was me.

When you make the choice to free yourself from your old beliefs and limitations, a world of opportunities & possibilities shows up.

It does not matter how many times someone tells you how, if you are not willing to see the gift that you are, you’re never going to get it.

As soon as I started getting my Bars® run and using the tools of Access Consciousness, I began to acknowledge what others who believed in me could see in me that I could not; things that were up in my world began to change. Although at times things can be extremely uncomfortable, they are also way out of my comfort zone - like appearing on a radio show, writing a blog, be a guest speaker at an event.  When it gets uncomfortable that is when the change occurs.

Your point of view creates your reality

I had created my own JAILs it was up to me to free myself.   I had the point of view that if I chose more, then there would be nowhere left to hide. I would be seen and be judged.  Was I ready to receive that?  YES!

2020 the year of change – In a time of Corona, it has not been down time, it’s been a time to leap! At times I thought I was running way too fast but what I am doing is catching up.

Are you ready to Choose more, BE more, BE You however uncomfortable it gets?

Rosie Brown CFMW

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