Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is Japanese meaning for “Universal life force energy”

which evolved in Japan from the experience & dedication of one man in the 19th century called Dr Mikao Usui. All Reiki practitioners/healers are able to trace their lineage back to Dr Usui. There is no belief system attached to Reiki, anyone can receive or learn to give a treatment.

A gentle, safe, natural hands-on healing system that works on the physical, emotional & spiritual level, Reiki is suitable for all. It’s very good for relaxation, stress, depression, speeds up the healing process for broken bones, responses well with treatments for cancer or any chronic or acute illness, helps to rebalance any blockages on an emotional & physical level, encouraging and increasing the body’s own natural healing process. Reiki complements and will not interfere with any type of conventional medicines, treatments or alternative therapies.

Reiki is not a substitute for any medical advice & treatment. If you are unwell please see your GP as soon as possible.


A Reiki treatment is carried out with the recipient lying down or seated in a comfortable position fully clothed. The practitioner then places hands in a series of hand positions covering all chakra positions & also any specific problem areas. Whilst receiving a treatment the recipient may feel tingling, hot, cold in the area being treated. As this is a gentle & relaxing treatment, some people are known to fall asleep.

A session lasts for 1 hour or 90 minutes



Five principles of Reiki:

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, do not anger

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing


My Lineage

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Barbara Weber-Ray

Ellen Sokolow

Arvick Baghramian

Rosie Brown (me)